How to Make Juice in a Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Juicer Mixer Grinders are especially popular in households where space and budget constraints make it impractical to have separate appliances for juicing, mixing, and grinding.

The juicer is an appliance that is used to extract the juices from fruits and vegetables. It consists of a feeding chute, a juicing screen, and a separate container to collect the extracted juice.

The mixer function allows you to blend and mix various ingredients to create smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, and purees. It usually includes a blending jar with a lid and blades that come in different configurations, depending on the model.

Benefits of Using a Juicer Mixer Grinder

In today’s fast kitchens, it’s important to be quick and do lots of different things. That’s where the juicer mixer grinder comes in! It’s like a superhero gadget for your kitchen because it can juice, mix, and grind all in one.

This cool tool makes cooking easier and more fun. It helps you make meals quickly and also makes your food healthier.

Let’s see why this gadget is so awesome and why every kitchen needs one!

1. Time Efficiency

The most apparent advantage of a juicer mixer grinder lies in its ability to save precious time. Instead of using separate appliances for juicing, grinding, and mixing, this all-in-one device streamlines the process, allowing for quick and efficient meal preparation.

2. Space-Saving Design

For those with limited kitchen space, the compact design of a juicer mixer grinder is a game-changer. Integrating multiple functions into a single unit eliminates the need for separate appliances, freeing up counter space for other essential tools.

3. Fresh and Nutrient-Rich Juices

Juicing is a breeze with the dedicated juicer component. Enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables in your homemade juices, ensuring a higher nutrient content than store-bought alternatives. The convenience of extracting juices at home encourages a healthier lifestyle.

4. Versatility in Cooking

The mixer component of this appliance opens up a world of culinary possibilities. From smoothies and shakes to batters for pancakes or dosas, the mixer function facilitates diverse culinary creations with minimal effort.

5. Efficient Grinding

The grinder feature caters to the needs of spice enthusiasts. Grind fresh spices, coffee beans, or nuts effortlessly, enhancing the flavor and aroma of your culinary endeavors.

6. Customizable Textures

With the juicer mixer grinder, you have control over the texture of your juices, smoothies, and food preparations. Adjust the settings to achieve the desired consistency, whether you prefer a pulpy juice or a silky-smooth smoothie.

7. Easy Maintenance

Most juicer mixer grinders are designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. Removable parts are often dishwasher-safe, simplifying the post-cooking cleanup process.

8. Cost-Effective

Investing in a juicer mixer grinder is cost-effective compared to purchasing separate appliances for juicing, mixing, and grinding. It offers a comprehensive solution without breaking the bank.

How to Make Juice in a Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Juicing has become a popular trend, offering a convenient way to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into our daily diets. If you own a Juicer Mixer Grinder, you’re already equipped with a versatile appliance that can transform your favorite produce into delicious and nutritious juices.

Making juice in a juicer mixer grinder is a straightforward process. You can follow the following steps to prepare fresh and delicious juice

1. Prepare the Ingredients

Wash the fruits or vegetables thoroughly under running water to remove any dirt, pesticides, or contaminants. Peel the skin off the fruits and remove any seeds if present.

Juicer Mixer Grinder

2. Cutting the Ingredients

Cut the fruits or vegetables into smaller pieces. The size should be suitable for the juicer’s feeding chute.

Juicer Mixer Grinder

3. Assembling the Juicer Mixer Grinder

Attach the juicer mixer grinder according to the instructions. Place the juice-collecting jar or glass under the juicer spout to collect the extracted juice.

4. Juicing Process

Turn on the juicer mixer grinder and select the speed setting for the ingredients you are juicing. Some juicers have specific settings for soft and hard produce.

Begin feeding the chopped fruits or vegetables into the juicer’s feeding chute one by one.

5. Extracting Juice

The juicer mixer grinder will extract the juice and separate it from the pulp automatically. The juice will flow into the collecting jar or glass while the pulp will be collected in a separate container.

6. Serving

Pour the freshly extracted juice into glasses. You can serve the juice as it is, or add ice cubes for a refreshing touch.

Juicer Mixer Grinder
Juicer Mixer Grinder

7. Cleaning

After juicing, disassemble the juicer attachment from the mixer grinder. Wash all the juicer components with warm soapy water.

By following these steps, you can easily prepare fresh and nutritious juice using your juicer mixer grinder. Enjoy your homemade juice right away to savor the maximum nutritional benefits and flavors.


Making juice in a juicer mixer grinder is a convenient and straightforward process that allows you to enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables in a delicious and nutritious form.

By following these steps, you can create a variety of homemade juices tailored to your taste preferences, promoting a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. So, grab your favorite fruits and vegetables, fire up your juicer mixer grinder, and start juicing your way to a healthier you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Watts in Juicer Mixer Grinder?

The wattage of juicer mixer grinders can vary depending on the model and brand.
The wattage typically ranges from 500 watts to 1000 watts.

What Are The Advantages Of Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Juicer Mixer Grinder saves time and space. It offers versatility for various recipes and allows fresh and healthy juicing with efficient grinding and mixing.